Download Location

In an effort to keep track of how may people actually use the mod paq we request all users to sign up on the forums. If this is an, issue please feel free to contact us by any means for access to the downloads.

How to install

to install the mod pack it is rather simple all that is required is that you run the installer for console/terminal. there are two ways of doing this one you can use command prompt(terminal on mac) to run the command

java -jar (click and drag jar here)

if you have issues with this method you can also use a bat file on windows to do this task Install.bat sorry mac users your on your own good luck

Server install

to install the server it is rather simple all that is involved is adding the simple argument -s to java -jar (click and drag jar here) so it might look like

java -jar PAQ-Installer-v4.2.jar -s

as an example. there is also bat file avable for this ServerInstall.bat please let us know if you have any issues

Methods of Talking With us if you have issues

on are forums or on are TeamSpeak available at